Are you guys ready for the new iPhone? You probably have heard about the new“iPhone SE” that is going to be unveil in March 22 at Apple event. The 4-inch iPhone SE is going to be more like iPhone 5S with upgraded hardware according to the reports from KGI. It is likely to use the latest hardware used by the iPhone 6S like A9 chip, Apple pay support, live photos and a barometer chip.

Reports also says that the upgraded iPhone SE will have a 12 MP rear camera just like in iPhone 6S. Though it will not have a 3D Touch functionality, the 4-inch iPhone SE will support live photos. The upgraded model is going to be more powerful packed on a smaller screen size. It is more likely to have features from iPhone 6S on a smaller device size.

The 4-inch iPhone SE model is believed to be sold between $400-$500 price ranges. Usually the iPhone price starts from $600 whenever a new iPhone is released. The price line for the iPhone SE is really cheaper than the previous iPhones.

With the release of the new iPhone, KGI also claims that there will be a huge price cut for the iPhone 5S. The price for the iPhone 5S is likely to fall down to around $250 which is a really great news. iPhone 5S has features like Touch ID, double flash for the camera, 64 bit A7 processor, and is really smooth. All these features packed for $250 is a really great deal for the people who are willing to buy an iPhone.

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