Reliance jio now Free for all Anyone with 4g volte handsets can reach Digital Store to get the sim


After a log wait and number of offers, Reliance Jio has started an open sale of SIM cards with 90 days of free unlimited 4G data. That means that if you own any 4G phone you can grab a Reliance Jio SIM card now.

We called up the Reliance Digital store and confirmed that the SIM cards are now available through an open sale without any coupon codes.

Any of the users can walk into the store with a copy of an ID proof and a photograph and get a JIO SIM. Till now the Jio SIM card was only available through smartphones of certain brands.

Earlier this year, Reliance had started giving out Jio SIMs to consumers through employee invites. Jio employees had 10 invites to share with friends who could buy a SIM card with any of the LYF phones. Later, Reliance made it a semi-open system by giving a Jio SIM card with any LYF phone.

Recently, it tied up with Samsung to offer the SIM card on selected handset. But yesterday, they opened up the offer for all the Samsung and LG handset.

It had also tied up with HP for selling their JioFi Hotspot devices with laptops. A few days ago, they also opened up those devices at Rs.2899 for an open sale.

Jio has made high claims of fast and reliable 4G service.

But the real test of the network will be done starting today as more and more users would join in every day through the open sale.

How to buy Jio SIM:

  • Walk into the nearest Reliance Digital store.
  • Submit valid address proof, Proof of identity along with passport sized photographs.
  • Take away your Jio 4G Sim

How to Activate Jio 4G SIM

  • You will be getting a confirmation message from JIo asking you to do the tele-verification
  • To activate both voice & data services, dial 1977 from your Jio Number. To enable only data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number (Mentioned in you Jio Form).
  • Confirm your identity by typing the last four digits of your submitted identity.
  • By Implementing these kinds of great marketing strategies, Reliance Jio can grab most of the 4G user market in the country.

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