Rumor has it HTC is working with Google on a pair of Nexus phones to launch later this year. We still don’t know much about the alleged handsets, but a new concept design offers one possibility that we can definitely get behind.

Created by Reddit user Daman09, the concept is based heavily on HTC’s latest flagship phone, the sleek and powerful HTC 10. There are a few notable changes, though, which help raise this stock Android version to new heights.

The fingerprint reader has moved from front to back, offering a similar setup to last year’s excellent Nexus 6P. That shift also makes it possible to put HTC’s BoomSound speaker just below the display in a front-facing position. It also means the stock Android phone would offer onscreen buttons instead of physical and capacitive buttons like on the HTC 10.

Finally, the software switches from HTC’s Sense 8.0 to stock Android. HTC did an impressive job this year of simplifying its user interface to let Google shine through, but hardcore Android fans likely still prefer the pure vanilla version.

Of course, this is just a concept. If HTC is making a Nexus phone (or phones) for 2016 we’ll probably see the design change at least a little more than this. Still, the idea of a stock Android N version of the HTC 10 is enough to get us pretty excited.


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