For the past couple of days the crowded corridors of social media have been abuzz with leaks, and news about Huawei’s next flagship, the P9, and adding to it, more information has surfaced on the internet regarding this phone.

Last week, we saw leaked schematics, and Antutu benchmarks of the P9 and today sources have revealed that this much-awaited phone will come in multiple variants. What is expected is that Huawei besides launching its top of the line P9, will also come out with a cheaper P9 Lite, and a phablet the P9 MAX. The last variant which Huawei plans to bring to the market as a treat for all its fans will be a beefed up variant of the P9, and will come with premium features.


The fourth model is set to offer a display whose size would lie between the P9, and the P9 MAX, with QHD resolution output. It will also feature additional RAM and storage. The fourth variant on top of this will feature an improved camera: a dual lens, dual (12 MP) sensor configuration described as a second-generation technology.

In a move to give itself more time to perfect the upcoming devices, it is believed the company has also decided to launch these devices at separate events after the MWC where a lot of its big name competitors are expected to parade their fancy arsenal to eager eyes.

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