We know the X, we know the Y, but we’ve yet to find about the Z.

That’s the information we can glean off of a leak of a computer-aided design render that should represent an iPhone 7 (pictured right). The enlarged camera port on top — which should make for a pretty intense bump on the back, by the way — was first seen on another CAD leak from design subcontractor Catcher.

But the major spec in this picture is the dimensions — 138.3mm by 67.12mm — which are almost the exact same as the iPhone 6s and not too far off from the iPhone 6‘s Y by X.

What we don’t know is mass (the iPhone 6s was 143 grams) and thickness. While the smart money is on keeping the 7.1mm from the iPhone 6s, there’s an outside shot that we could see it drop down to something like an iPod Touch at 6.1mm.

So, are we looking forward to more of the same? Or will we avoid parallels of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE?

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Via: PhoneArena

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