As much as we appreciate any valuable piece of information revealed in advance of a high-profile mobile product launch, especially one hailing from Twitter’s most prolific tipster, the recent Moto G4 Plus fingerprint scanner “leak” wasn’t accompanied by the greatest visual confirmation.

But now we have our concrete proof, and while there’s no way to verify the validity of just-divulged “Moto G 2016” live pics, they sure fit last week’s description, and look overall trustworthy. That’s not to say they look very good, as the bland rear cover may well infuriate a number of admirers of “classic” Motorola designs.

Lenovo’s inspiration doesn’t seem too… inspired here, and the iconic M dimple is gone, having been replaced by a less pronounced, less flashy logo. Speaking of flash, the rear camera arrangement containing the LED add-on isn’t extremely pretty, and the back cover on the whole simply feels… cheap.


“>Moto G4 front

It’s possible the OEM was forced to make build quality compromises to accommodate the front-firing square fingerprint sensor and keep the price low, but unless this is going to fall in the sub-$200 extreme budget niche, there’s too much corner-cutting.

On the other hand, we can’t know for certain exactly what we’re looking at here. It could be an early pre-release prototype, still subject to a lot of last-minute polishing. It could be the Moto G4 Plus or the non-Plus fourth-generation Moto G. Lastly, it could be a fake. Bottom line, it’s probably best to not rush to conclusions, and feel too bothered about prospective design downgrades.

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