Jide’s Remix OS has turned a lot of heads in the last couple of years, thanks an interesting initial tablet offering and subsequent easy-to-install software for both PCs and a few Nexus tablets and even some retail hardware. The modified Android software, which uses a desktop-style window system for apps, is surprisingly robust and easy to use. Jide’s latest move is to offer Remix as a virtual machine package, allowing Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets to run the Android ROM in a dedicated window alongside desktop applications.

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Remix OS Player installs like a regular desktop app and allows users to run it in a dedicated window. It’s a lot like the Bluestacks player, AMIDuOS, and similar consumer-focused virtualization tools. The system is based on the virtual machine in Android Studio, but some extensive modifications have been added on to allow less technical users to check it out. The aim is, presumably, to make stand-alone Remix-powered devices or a full OS installation a more appealing alternative for the desktop. Jide’s press release didn’t say which version of Android the player’s software is based on, but the latest reelae from the company uses Marshmallow (6.0) code.


Notably, the Remix Player includes full access to the Google Play Store, something that isn’t a given with these sorts of tools (and indeed, isn’t offered on all Jide hardware, either). The option to install vetted apps directly from the Play Store instead of through a browser download goes a long way towards making it a more viable option for standard users.

Remix OS Player is a free download on Jide’s website. At the moment it’s only available on Windows, though Jide says that it’s working on a port for Mac OS.

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