It is no secret that the official Facebook app for iOS can sometimes quickly drain the battery life of your iPhone. In the past, Facebook has employed unethical hacks to keep its app running in the background even with Background App Refresh disabled, which greatly affected the battery life of the iOS device it was installed on.

Back then, Facebook acknowledged the bug and vowed to fix it. So, with the bug fixed, you must be thinking that Facebook’s official iOS app should not be having any major impact on your phone’s battery life. Right? Wrong.

As per testing done by Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian, uninstalling the Facebook app on your iOS device can improve its battery life by up to 15 percent. Gibbs recorded the battery life of his iPhone 6s Plus every day at 10:30 pm for a week, then uninstalled the app, and repeated the steps. With the app uninstalled, he accessed Facebook through Safari for all his needs.

At the end of the testing period, Gibbs noted that his iPhone 6s Plus had at an average 15 percent of more battery left with the Facebook app uninstalled. And to make sure that this was not an isolated incident, Gibbs made other iPhone-owners do the same and they all noted a similar improvement in battery life.

Let that sink in for a moment: uninstalling the Facebook app from your iPhone can improve its battery life by up to 15 percent. Whatever way you look at it, Facebook’s app for iOS is having a huge impact on the battery life of your iPhone and Facebook should be ashamed of it.

Another benefit of uninstalling the Facebook app was that Gibbs’ iPhone now had 500MB of additional free storage space free.

To be honest, if you are a long time Facebook user, this should not really come as a surprise to you. This is not the first time that Facebook’s app has been criticised for draining iPhones batteries and this is likely not going to be the last. Facebook’s official Android app also suffers from a similar issue and users have reported a similar increase in battery life after uninstalling it.

I uninstalled the official Facebook app from my iPad long time back and have switched to using its mobile website via Safari for all my needs. What about you?

[Via The Guardian]

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