No headphone jacks for the new iPhone? No problem! There are at least a few options to keep the music flowing (at Apple’s discretion and cost) without having to resort to blasting your music out for your neighbors to hear.

The company could stuff a Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter in the box with the iPhone. It could also supply you with some EarPods with a Lightning connector. But it could also skip the whole cable deal altogether and move onto a wireless set of EarPods, independent from each other.

That last idea has gotten a thrust with word from a Forbes source that Apple’s engineers have been making their own Bluetooth radio for the earbuds for the past few years. Yep, Infinite Loop is trying to make Bluetooth work past your opposite buttock, but, more importantly, it’s been trying to increase battery life.

The base chip that Apple picked up was from a company it acquired in 2013, Passif. It was supposed to see launch last year, but, as the source said, “if it doesn’t work 100 percent, it gets cut” at the company.

We don’t know whether that chip, another first-party make or a third-party supplied component will make the cut at this point and, worse yet, we don’t even know if it will get launched with the iPhone 7. The source couldn’t say — though this leak coming a month before when the launch is to happen shouldn’t be a coincidence.

What are the chances that Bluetooth 5 get on this pair?

Source: Forbes
Via: BGR

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