A report from Bloomberg this morning discussed a few of Apple’s current projects, including its Amazon Echo competitor and a new “Invisible Hand” initiative.

Invisible Hand, Bloomberg explained, is Apple’s Minority Report plan to try to allow users to fully control their mobile devices, such as iPads and the iPhone, using voice commands. There would be no need for touch, it seems, and the goal is to get this project off the ground and rolled out to users within 3 years.

This is some pretty futuristic stuff. “For example, a user would be able to ask their phone to open a web page and then share it with a friend without the need to ever launch the Siri interface.” Bloomberg discusses a few other scenarios, but the idea is that you’ll be able to have complete control over your device. As it stands, Siri can understand a lot of commands, but it still feels very much like a voice-powered search engine/assistant rather than a voice-controlled computer.

Siri received a lot of improvements in iOS 10 but, as we know, she still has a long way to go. Bloomberg didn’t mention if Apple will try to build this functionality into macOS on its laptops, either. Siri made her Mac debut in the macOS Sierra release earlier this week.

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