Apple has inadvertently confirmed the iPhone 8’s final design and its facial recognition capabilities ahead of the handset’s official unveiling. Images of its form factor and references to a new “BiometricKit” have been found within the firmware of the HomePod speaker.

On Friday, an apparent piece of iPhone 8 packaging leaked out that revealed the handset’s new design. As expected, it features an edge-to-edge display that wraps around its front-facing speaker and camera, with what appears to be an 18:9 aspect ratio like the GalaxyS8. A larger power button is also seen, but the physical Home button is gone.

We couldn’t be sure this was genuine at the time, but that’s no longer the case. An image of the same device, above, has been spotted in Apple’s HomePod firmware by respected iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith. Once again, it shows a larger display that extends to the edges of the iPhone, and no physical Home button.

Alongside the image, Troughton-Smith found references to a facial recognition feature called Face ID and a new framework called BiometricKit. “It’s 1000% real, folks,” he tweeted. “Even though iOS has a set of #ifdefs to prevent me poking around, this HomePod fw wasn’t meant to be public, thus included everything.”

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