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How to Install MacOS Sierra 10.12 Beta Safely & Dual Boot El Capitan

Creating a dual boot environment is an ideal solution for Mac users who want to install and try macOS Sierra but without interfering with their primary stable Mac OS X El Capitan installation. This tutorial will walk through the entire process of setting up such an environment, including partition a disk, and installing macOS Sierra

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WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Hangouts, Slack, and More in One Chat App

There was a time when people’s friend list was split across Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM and any of the other dozen services. Software such as Pidgin and Adium helped them bring all the services into one platform and maintain their sanity. The rise of smartphones meant new services took over and everything was fragmented again.

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Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Error in Google Chrome

Having used a relatives computers recently I discovered their Google Chrome web browser was constantly throwing a “Your connection is not private” error message on many web pages, thereby preventing the page from loading unless they chose to ignore and reload the ‘not private’ page. The “not private” message can be a little disconcerting, so

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With Siri coming to OS X, Apple is finally making the Mac exciting again

While Siri on the iPhone has improved dramatically over the past five years, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant has remained conspicuously absent on the Mac, a curious omission given that Apple had no problem implementing Siri on both the Apple Watch and the recently released Apple TV.  With the next release of OS X, however, Siri will finally

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