Google Photos continues to bring more new features with every update in order to bring more users into the fold and also keep the existing ones happy. The latest one brings several pretty useful tools for those that love to organize, edit, and share the tons of photos that you have on your device. This includes a faster sharing experience, better ways of sorting the photos in your albums, and the ability to create your photo animations even while offline.

Even when you’re offline, you will now be able to create animations from your last trip or your latest night out with friends. To test out this feature, of course you’d have to turn off your data and Wifi connections and then choose anywhere from 2 to 50 photos. Tap the Create button and voila, you get yourself an animated video. But of course, you can only choose the photos that are stored on your phone and not the ones that are on the cloud.

You will also now be able to sort the photos in the albums either chronologically or by recently added and if you want to reorder multiple items, you can now select said photos and drag them in whatever order you want. If you’re already on Android Nougat, you can add new shortcuts from the app icon itself. And Google also says that the new sharing experience on the update will let you share photos faster, either to your contact, email, or phone number, and of course any social media or app as well.

You need to update Google Photos to the latest version to be able to experience all these new features we’re talking about. Visit their Google Play page to see if your update is ready.

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