Android Apps

Google Wallet Debit Card going away imminently

Google’s physical card version of Google Wallet will no longer be supported by the company as of the 30th of June. This information comes from an app teardown performed by Android Police, where they’ve found the mention within the Google Wallet app itself. Like so many projects that didn’t gain traction in the public for

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Google now lets you put stickers on Maps

As you may know, you can label your Home and Work places on Google Maps for easy access to them. Thanks to an update rolling out now to the Android app, you can also add custom stickers to these locations – just in case you want to mark your house with a yellow submarine. First,

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f.lux Beta version is live, anyone can sign up

You know how you woke up this morning feeling exhausted even though you got 6-8 hours of sleep? It probably has something to do with you being glued to your smartphone sleep all the way up until your head hit the pillow – or even afterward! Our friend Science tells us that light on the

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