When you turn on your Android Incredible phone, the manufacturer logo appears, followed by the boot animation. This is a short graphical display that serves no particular function, except to let you know that the phone is booting up and will be operating shortly. By adding a few files to your Android phone in a specific way, you can customize the boot animation to display anything you wish.

Step 1Connect your phone to your computer, and browse to its media folder, usually located in the “yourphone/system/media” folder. Locate the file “” then copy it to two locations in your computer’s hard drive — the first will be a backup copy in case anything goes wrong, and the second you will edit to make your own animation. Extract the second file to your computer and open it.

Step 2Delete all folders apart from “part0.” The folder should now contain only a folder called “part0,” and a text file called “desc.txt.”

Step 3Open “part0.” Delete all the files in here, then copy the image files that you want to make up your animation into this folder. Each image will represent a frame of your animation and must be in PNG format.

Step 4Rename all of the image files numerically, in the sequence you want them displayed. For example, you could label the first frame of the animation “00001.png,” the second “00002.png,” and then continue this pattern until all files have been labeled.

Step 5Go back to the “bootanimation” folder and open “desc.txt.” The first line contains three figures. Ignore the first two — these are the screen resolution of your phone and should not be changed. The third number is the frame rate — change this to the number of frames you want your animation to display per second. Higher frame-rates create smoother animations, but take longer to produce. Then change the second line to the following:
p 0 0 part0
Save the file when you’re done.

Step 6Compress the “bootanimation” folder back into zip format. To do this in Mac OS X, right-click, then select “Create Archive.” In Windows 7, right-click, then select “Send to” followed by “Compressed (zipped) folder.” The result will be a file called “”

Step 7Copy this file back to your phone’s media folder. If you are asked if you want to overwrite the existing file, choose “Yes.” Your phone will display your new animation when you next power it on.

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