Dolby may have made a lot of Android users angry by only offering their Atmos surround sound equalizer to Lenovo and Amazon, but we all know that exclusivity is only temporary in the Android world. Thanks toworstenbrood, we now have a ported version that can be installed on any device running Android 4.3 and above.

This app needs to be installed via TWRP, so make sure you have anunlocked bootloader before attempting this install.


Step 1: Download Dolby Atmos ZIP

Grab a copy of the Dolby Atmos .zip file, then boot your device into TWRP. On most devices, this can be achieved by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons until the device reboots.

Step 2: Flash the ZIP File

In TWRP, tap “Install” and select the .zip file you downloaded earlier. “Swipe to Confirm Flash,” then once the install has completed, tap “Reboot System.”

Step 3: Enable Dolby Atmos

Open up the Dolby Audio app from your app drawer, then make sure the equalizer is on by hitting the power icon.

On the bottom of the screen you will see options to enable a Dialogue Enhancer, Volume Leveler, and Surround Virtualizer, which will all help in simulating a surround sound experience.

If you want to further fine-tune your Android’s audio, you can also enable one of the Intelligent Equalizers or create your own profile manually. The changes are applied automatically, so there is no need to reboot or restart any apps after making adjustments.

The changes are slightly noticeable when using your phone’s speakers, but to really get the most out of them, throw on your best pair of headphones.

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