Amazon has just released a new browser for Android users in India. The new browser, named ‘Internet’ is specifically designed for to consume much less data than usual browsers. Apparently, the Amazon Internet browser also provides a very private user experience as it does not ask for any permissions to collect private data. The app is available to download via Google Play Store and is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. However, we were not able to install the app on our Redmi Note 5 Pro running Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

Just like any other browser, the Internet browser app from Amazon Internet has basic features like fullscreen reading mode. The homepage layout is also very similar to other browsers like Chrome with tabs for trending news and most visited pages. Just like the incognito mode on Chrome, there is a private mode to let users hide browsing history from their devices.

Amazon Internet is not the first ‘lite’ app by Amazon for the Indian audience. The company recently launched the lite version of its highly popular reading app, Kindle. The Kindle Lite, just like Internet, weighs less than 2MB in size and offers a basic e-book reading experience. The app is specifically designed for devices with a slower internet connection and for areas with unstable data connectivity.

A full-fledged browser that hardly takes up any space is ideal for people with entry-level smartphones. While many of us are used to 4GB RAM and minimum of 64GB onboard storage, there are consumers with entry-level Android smartphones with 8GB of onboard storage. This means that apps like Internet, Messenger Lite etc can help these users get a good user experience without their smartphones running out of space constantly.

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