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Apple eyes March 15 event for iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 & Apple Watch updates

Apple event slated for sometime next month which will see the company unveil the new 4-inch iPhone and updates for the Apple Watch, along with the iPad Air 3 which is also expected to make an appearance at this event. Though no concrete information has been available about this event but sources now reveal that this event will take

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Apple’s upcoming smaller iPhone

Apple employees have explained that the “se” in the name can either stand for “special edition” or imply that this is the “enhanced” version of the iPhone 5s. Although the device will look virtually identical to its namesake, it will have upgraded internals to compete with other modern smartphones. Here’s a list of upgrades to the iPhone

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Apple’s 4-inch iPhone to be called the ‘iPhone 5se’

If rumors about Apple’s flagship device weren’t enough, you have a whole bunch of them for its lesser sibling. We’ve heard a great deal about Apple’s upcoming 4-inch iPhone. But the one things the rumors and speculations just couldn’t settle on was the name. Today, it’s possible that the iPhone 5se is what the 4-inch

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Apple Planning to Remove 3.5mm Headphone Jack From iPhone 7 To Make It Thinner

According to the media Colabyte reports, Apple is planning to remove the familiar 3.5mm headphone jack from the next iPhone i.e. iPhone 7. This change is said to achieve more than 1mm reduction in thickness compared to iPhone 6s. Read more to know about its replacement and the risks involved. The smartphone makers know that users always fantasize

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Apple iPhone 7 might be waterproof and have 3GB of RAM

There had been a hoax in the past which stated that an update to iOS 7 would make your iPhone waterproof and many users actually fell for it. Now, apparently the next generation iPhone is rumoured to have waterproof abilities as well as 3GB of RAM. Research firm TrendForce has reported that the iPhone 7

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