LG Smartphone


We all know that LG is ready to unveil the G5 flagship smartphone at the MWC one week from today. It has been spoken about quite extensively. But that’s not all LG will be revealing at the event. The company is also ready to bring out its mid-range X series smartphones. The two models in

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LG G5 Will Have an Always-On Display

Been wondering what LG would do to make the G5 standout? Outside of the phone’s dual cameras and premium build, it looks they are also planning to give it an always-on display. Through a GIF posted to the company’s Facebook page this evening, we get to see a glimpse of the always-on action. The GIF

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LG confirms G5 launch date set for February 21

Unsurprisingly, LG has confirmed via Twitter that it will announce its upcoming G5 flagship on Sunday, February 21st (the same day as the Samsung Galaxy S7). LG previously sent out invitations to its press event that will take place at MWC 2016, and later confirmed to CNET that the G5 would be launching at that event.

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