A new set of images has been leaked online, which shows the small letter ‘R’, which stands for refurbished model.


Samsung has already confirmed that it will be launching the refurbished model of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 pretty soon. Now, a new set of images has been leaked online, which shows the small letter ‘R’, which stands for refurbished model.
The leaked images were obtained by Droidholic, which shows the front and back panel of the device. Though it looks eerily similar to the Galaxy Note 7, at the bottom of the rear panel, one can see the R letter. This would help the potential buyers to distinguish between the original and the refurbished model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
For the unintended, the Galaxy Note 7 is reported to be named as Galaxy Note 7R, however, a recent report revealed that the smartphone could be named as the Galaxy Note FE, where FE stands for Fan Edition. The model is reported to be released by the end of June.
Earlier, Samsung Galaxy Note 7R was found listed on a merchant website in China. The website claims to be selling the device for around Yuan 3599 (approx. Rs 33,551) to Yuan 3999 (approx. Rs 37,280). Interestingly, some images were also leaked, which clearly shows ‘R’ symbol on the rear panel to give a proper distinction from the original model.
Further, the company is also reported to offer two variants of the Galaxy Note 7R. One variant will have a 3200mAh battery, a 300mAh lower battery capacity found on the original model, meant for US, European and Asia Pacific markets. The other variant would feature a similar 3500mAh battery, which contains the modified small-volume battery to prevent any explosions.
Meanwhile, a report by the Investor says that the refurbished model is widely rumoured to be priced about 50 percent cheaper than the original model. The report further denotes that the smartphone is expected to sport a 3200mAh battery and will run on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, while other specifications will remain the same.

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