OnePlus 3T

Top five best smartphones of 2016

While low-end and mid-range smartphones enjoyed their moment in the sun, the glory was duly grabbed by the premium phones, even if the consumer response might have been a little lacklustre at times. Here’s our pick of 2016. In many ways, 2016 turned out to be the year of consolidation and catching up for smartphone

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Best of Android 2016: Battery

What is Best of Android?                 In Best of Android, we take the most important smartphones of the year and compare them side-by-side and in-depth. This year, with so many good phones available, we’ve stepped things up a notch and brought the 10 biggest Android phones of the year to the competition. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge HTC 10 Sony

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OnePlus 3T specs refined, reveal date could be November 14

The souped-up OnePlus 3 we’re expecting should be headed for us within the next two weeks. At least, it’ll supposedly be headed for a London event — ha, take that Brexit! More specifications are being tossed around about the OnePlus 3T that will supposedly have a quad HD LCD. At least, that’s what the rumors

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